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Vendor statistics payment amount issue with voiding checks - Microsoft support case

  Here is my response to Microsoft regarding this issue. Dear Microsoft, Last week Steve Endow , Henrik Helgesen , and I met to review the issue with the vendor statistics payments amounts. If you recall the issue, I reported was that when a check payment to a vendor was voided through the check ledger entries window that it would still show up in the payment amount within the vendor statistics. Well, we believe we have found the issue and we do believe this is a bug that Microsoft should address rather than asking for this to be an "enhancement".  Here is a little background. After you told me "this is not qualified as a bug, since it is working as intended" I took the issue to Twitter. There are tons of passionate MSDyn365BC developers worldwide that took notice right away. Steve Endow reached out and asked to dig into it more with me. Last week we met for a live YouTube session where more BC developers took notice. Here is the recording: