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Feature Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central v17 (wave 2)

Microsoft has added some new functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central v17 (wave 2) that allows companies to review new features (functionality) that are being added to newer versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Companies also will be able to disable features that they believe may cause a disruption in their processes, but only for a short period of time. By disabling the feature it allows companies to test the new functionality before the feature is automatically enabled on a certain date.  As of today I have seven features listed in my environment, version US Business Central 17.0 (platform 17.0.17020.18352).  Enabling feature If you'd like to enable a feature you can edit the list and select 'all users' from the drop down. Once selected then the current company status will switch to 'enabled' as well. You must sign out and back in for the changes to take effect.  While working my way down the list to enable all the features I did receive some message

Creating a test company within the production environment in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Creating a test company within your production environment couldn't be any easier within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. One of the biggest reasons to have a test company within your production environment is for training or testing. It's my recommendation that if you're looking to test out new code or processes you should do that within your Sandbox environment and not your production environment first.   To create a test company, which in this case would be a copy of production follow these steps: 1. Look up/tell me what you want to do the Companies window. 2. Select the company you'd like to copy over to a new test company. 3. Select Actions > Copy 4. Add the new companies name and agree to the verbiage within the window. Once completed click OK.  5. Break time. 6. Finally done.  7. Modify user security for those that need to access the new company.  

Community Summit 2020 is next week

  Community Summit North America is set to kick off next week October 7-9, 2020.  Community Summit is one of my favorite conferences of the year. This year is sure going to be different since it's going to be held virtually. Not being able to hug my friends and meet many others in person is going to be the hardest part of attending virtually for me. Please give us speakers grace and know that we have all prepared for countless hours to present; however presenting virtually is going to be such a different experience since we won't get to see all your smiling faces in the crowd!  Community One of the biggest things about Community Summit is the "community." Each UG has their own community, but lately the lines are becoming more blurred. Since Microsoft has introduced the Power Platform and it's capabilities across all Dynamics products, I've been able to learn from many other community users, consultants, and MVPs. Bringing people together and being able to lear

My DynamicsCon experience

DynamicsCon is a first-of-its-kind, free virtual learning experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) and Power Platform users and professionals. Although it came out of the blue it was put together by a stellar team and it was highly successful in my opinion.  In my opinion this event was successful because there was a need in the Dynamics community for high quality, free learning. DynamicsCon required all sessions to be prerecorded, and on top of that there was a live chat during every session where the presenter could interact with the audience. This was very new and very exciting for the attendees, especially during this world where all conferences are being cancelled or switched to virtual.  Sessions I attended While there were several sessions within the Dynamics 365 Business Central track I only attended day 1 for the functional sessions. Below is a list of the sessions I attended. I've been consulting for D365BC for three years now and I was able to learn so much from each

My story to becoming a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Business Applications

I've officially been a Microsoft MVP for 13.5 hours, but who's counting. I wanted to sit down this evening and write about how I felt this morning when I opened the email from Microsoft letting let me know that I was awarded the 2020-2021 Microsoft MVP award for the category Business Applications. My story isn't that different from other MVP's in the sense that we all love our jobs and we love helping the community. It's been a personal goal of mine since 2019 to get a nomination and it wasn't until February 2020 that I actually wrote "Goal MVP" on the board in my office. I decided early on that I was never going to ask an MVP to nominate me because deep down I wanted someone to see the hard work I was putting into presenting at conferences, blogging, and the passion I had for the Microsoft Dynamics community. After all my whole career is based on people believing in me and giving me a chance to do something I've never done before. First job -

Voiding a check in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Voiding a check in Dynamics 365 Business Central is easy. Follow the steps below. Search for Check Ledger Entries window Search for check number you wish to void Select Process >  Void Check  Type of void: Unapply and void check - if the check is applied to an invoice select this so the invoice can be repaid after the check is voided. Void check only - if the check was printed but not applied to an invoice then you can select this.