Feature Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central v17 (wave 2)

Microsoft has added some new functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central v17 (wave 2) that allows companies to review new features (functionality) that are being added to newer versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Companies also will be able to disable features that they believe may cause a disruption in their processes, but only for a short period of time. By disabling the feature it allows companies to test the new functionality before the feature is automatically enabled on a certain date. 

As of today I have seven features listed in my environment, version US Business Central 17.0 (platform 17.0.17020.18352). 

Enabling feature

If you'd like to enable a feature you can edit the list and select 'all users' from the drop down. Once selected then the current company status will switch to 'enabled' as well. You must sign out and back in for the changes to take effect. 

While working my way down the list to enable all the features I did receive some messages like the following: 
  • Enhanced email capabilities

  • Write longer item references
  • Conversion templates to convert contacts to vendors and employees


As always you should fully test out new functionality before implementing change. Microsoft allows you to enable these features by environment; so if you have a sandbox environment I'd recommend enabling within that environment and testing prior to enabling within your production environment. 

To learn more about Feature Management check out the Microsoft documentation via the links below. 


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