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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Dimension Correction Tool Permissions/Security

2021 release wave 1, brought us the Dimension Correction tool. For the users that don't have proper security they will receive the following message when trying to use the tool.  ISSUE You do not have the following permissions on TableData Dimension Correction: Insert. To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server sessions ID: 'XXXX'. SOLUTION To correct this issue you can setup a custom permission set and assign it to the user groups or users that need access to use the tool. Navigate to the Permission Sets window. Select +New to setup a new Permission Set. I like to name it 'DIMCORRECTION' and name it 'Dimension Correction'.   Click on Permissions once you have the Permission Set setup. Add the following Table Data Object ID's to the Permissions window.  Add the DIMCORRECTION permission set to either a User Group or directly on a User card. To add to a User Group navigate