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Sorting, Searching, and Filtering in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

I get the question a lot from my clients moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central if SmartList exists. For those of you who are not familiar with SmartList it is a tool that allows users to sort, search, and filter data within the system for reporting purposes. While "SmartList" as we know it doesn't exist, Business Central does have very similar qualities within the system that allows users to do the same, it just looks and feels different.    Lets take a look at how this functionality works within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Scenario:  It's month end and you're reviewing financials and see that travel is a bit high for the month. You want to pull detailed information and see what was coded to the travel expense account. You have two options: Pull a detail trial balance - this process can be clunky as you have to add a filter for the account number and date range within the report options window. And then if you wa

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Bank Reconciliation Error (Bank Reconciliation with Auto Match) Bank Linked - SaaS

Background I ran into a new error this evening while trying to reconcile my bank account. My SaaS Business Central version is listed below. I have the Bank Recon. with Auto Match setting turned on within the General Ledger Setup window and I have my bank account linked. The error was happening after I was attempting to import the bank statement transactions (Bank > Import Bank Statement) into the bank reconciliation window.  Version: US Business Central 18.2 (Platform 18.0.26213.27342 + Application 18.2.26217.26331) Error The changes to the Bank Acc. Reconciliation record cannot be saved because some information on the page is not-up-to-date. Close the page, reopen it, and try again.  Identification fields and values: Statement Type='Bank Reconciliation',Bank Account No.='CHECKING',Statement No.='XX'  Resolution Closed the bank account reconciliation window and refreshed the Bank Account Reconciliations window. The refresh was necessary because the reconcilia