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Migrate business data - QuickBooks Online to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Background I attempted migrating from QuickBooks desktop to Dynamics 365 Business Central years ago when I moved my own company off QuickBooks desktop. At that time, I didn't have any success, so I thought I'd give it a try again in Business Central version 20 (preview) to see if I could get it to work. Spoiler alert, I ran into the same error message from years ago however this time around I was able to use Google to assist with solving the issue - keep on reading to learn more about account numbers. Lessons Learned Create new company (blank or with production data) prior to migrating data and log into that company before starting the migration. If you miss this step, then the migration tool will try to override information in the current company. I did get a message warning me that customers were already setup, and I had a choice to delete them at that time. I just canceled out of the migration tool and setup a new company and then logged into it and started over.  Open BC co

How I passed the MB-800 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant exam

How I failed the first time It was October 2020 and my manager at the time dared me to take the Beta exam without studying to gage how hard it was. I can't turn down a good dare, so I scheduled the exam for October 20, 2020, and spent the days leading up to it reviewing the skills measured document provided by Microsoft.  The day came and I felt pretty prepared to proceed with taking the exam. Because the exam was still in Beta I didn't find out until January 4, 2021, that I actually failed the exam. The passing score is 700 and I ended up with 615.  Looking back at that experience I remember thinking the exam was hard and that some of the questions were written in such a way that was confusing and thinking that I'd never pass. So, I put the exam on the back burner and continued on with my life.  Passing the second time It wasn't until recently (yesterday) that I decided to take the exam again. I decided that today was the day and that I was going to schedule the exam

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Create Recurring Sales Invoices

Many companies invoice customers on a regular basis and need the ability to create those invoices all at once. The Create Recurring Sales Invoices task within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows companies to create sales invoices for multiple customers at once using recurring sales lines.  Scenario Company sold monthly support plans to customers and need the ability to create invoices at once for customers so that they don't have to manually create them one by one.  Solution 1. Create Recurring Sales Lines - this allows you to set up a "template" for your monthly sales invoices. In my example I've created a Recurring Sales Lines template for my BC Support invoices.  Within the Standard Sales Lines Card, I've added the appropriate lines that I'd like added to the sales invoice. The 'Amount Excl. Tax' field doesn't show out of the box so you'll have to personalize your page to add that and also keep in mind that any dimensions that sh