How I passed the MB-800 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant exam

How I failed the first time

It was October 2020 and my manager at the time dared me to take the Beta exam without studying to gage how hard it was. I can't turn down a good dare, so I scheduled the exam for October 20, 2020, and spent the days leading up to it reviewing the skills measured document provided by Microsoft. 

The day came and I felt pretty prepared to proceed with taking the exam. Because the exam was still in Beta I didn't find out until January 4, 2021, that I actually failed the exam. The passing score is 700 and I ended up with 615. 

Looking back at that experience I remember thinking the exam was hard and that some of the questions were written in such a way that was confusing and thinking that I'd never pass. So, I put the exam on the back burner and continued on with my life. 

Passing the second time

It wasn't until recently (yesterday) that I decided to take the exam again. I decided that today was the day and that I was going to schedule the exam for mid-morning. Prepping for the exam this time around was very different than last time. I reviewed the skills measured document and noticed that there were some changes to the English language version in February 2022, so I only reviewed the changes. 

Overall, I felt more prepared since it has been 16 months since I last took it. In that timeframe I've increased my frequency of blogging, attended some conferences, lead sessions at conferences, and just made it my mission to learn as much as I could about Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

I'm happy to report that I passed the exam this morning with a score of 756. 

How you can pass the exam

  • Review the skills measured document provided by Microsoft. Brush up on any areas that you don't know very well.
  • Prepare by completing the Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant learning paths provided my Microsoft.
  • Start blogging - this truly helps to retain the information and challenges you to write more about things you've learn.
  • Instructor led learning
  • Setup a sandbox or test company that you can play around in.
  • Find a study buddy that is looking to take the exam as well.
  • Attend conferences to learn more.
  • Utilize user groups like Dynamics User Goup (DUG)
  • Don't feel like you're the only one that isn't going to pass. I'm a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications, specifically Business Central and I didn't pass the first time. There are also others throughout the world that have posted on social media that they failed the first time. It's nothing to be embarrassed about! 

Once you pass

  • Update your LinkedIn profile licensees & certifications section.
  • Post to your social media pages so all your friends can celebrate with you.
  • Share with your employer so they know how awesome you are! Maybe you get a raise or a bonus...who knows. 
  • Continue learning and sharing your knowledge! 
Written by: Kristen Hosman, Microsoft MVP


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