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Real client issue with Checklist or Get Started...whatever you want to call it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Disclaimer provided by Microsoft The checklist is designed to assist customers in onboarding companies to Business Central and assist Partners in the selling process by highlighting features to explore from the checklist. Microsoft relies on partners to bring the relevant checklist items for a given customer if they think the default ones will not suffice, which in most cases they will certainly not.  The very first default checklist item for Business Manager in non-evaluation companies is the "Company details" task, whose purpose is to open a wizard and guide users through/check if their company name is correct. This wizard has a long history in the product and has previously served multiple purposes. One of these, importing of configuration packages when having created a new company, under certain circumstances. A bug caused this code path to be reached for one of my clients.  It's important to know that the Microsoft has  fixed this bug in the wizard, and the fix is in

Directions EMEA 2021 - Recap

Directions EMEA 2021 - Milan, Italy Keynote room. Photo credit: Peter Steffek How I got here... By a plane of course. But in all seriousness, it all started on June 24th with an email from Frank Maier. His ask was simple, was there any MVPs in the US that was willing to travel to Milan and share their knowledge with the community. Although it was a simple ask there was lots to consider of course and during the decision process content ideas was never a concern. The real concern was COVID and was the conference actually going to happen. I submitted a session with Shannon Mullins and later learned that it was accepted along with a total of 16 other MVPs from the US and Europe. Shock set in and I was trying to then figure out if I purchase a flight at that point or wait a few weeks, I decided to wait. COVID was still a concern for many weeks, and I didn't book my flight until mid-September. By this time, I had a good feeling that the conference was going to happen.  Directions EMEA ki