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Cash receipts journal vs bank deposit in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

I previously blogged on how to create a bank deposit and today I'd like to compare the cash receipt journal with the bank deposit process.  Deciding which one to use to enter customer payments can be hard. I'm going to experiment with both to show you why either one can be used.  Cash Receipts Journal In the scenario I use below I've received two checks from two different customers. I have entered each check payment into the cash receipt journal and added one line for the total amount of the deposit to the bank account. Even though I have two checks they will hit the bank as one amount based on how I deposit them with the bank.  If the checks were deposited separately then I would use the Balance Account Type = Bank Account and Bal. Account No = B010; then leave off the third line in the example below.  Bank Deposit The bank deposit method is easier to explain than the Cash Receipt Journal method. The General FastTab is going to allow the user to select the correct bank ac