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Dynamics 365 Business Central - Is this a feature or a bug? Filtering and posting General Journal lines

This blog is inspired by something I just learned from James Bowles .  Scenario: I have a General Journal with multiple lines and only want to post certain transactions/lines.  In my example I am going to filter on the Posting Date field so only the 04/30 transaction is posted. Once the posting is completed you will see the remaining lines in the journal.  Review the General Ledger Entries and you see only entry posted was the 04/30. Written by: Kristen Hosman, Microsoft MVP

Using Linktree to your advantage at conferences

Business cards are a thing of the past! You read that right, business cards are a thing of the past! I recently went to a Microsoft Dynamics partner conference and came home with four business cards total and there were over 1100 attendees.  It used to be I'd come home with between 20-30 business cards after attending a conference, but technology has since changed that. Now I use Linktree.  Linktree Linktree allows me to put all my socials and contact information in one place. I use the QR code below on my introduction slide when I present at conferences, and I also have it on my wallpaper on my iPhone. This allows anyone to quickly scan and contact me.  Email functionality One of my favorite features of Linktree is that I can add an Email button so prospects can quickly send me an email letting me know what they're looking for; rather than me making notes on a business card and forgetting to contact them when I return to the office.  I use to generate the email lin