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Using Standard Journals in Business Central

There is a concept in Dynamics 365 Business Central called Standard Journals, which allow you to set up predefined entries (templates) that you can use over and over again. Think of those entries that happen on a recurring basis.  Here are some examples: Payroll Bank Transactions Reclasses Depreciation (if you're doing it manually) Allocations Month-end adjustments Here are some benefits of using Standard Journals:  Can choose to save amounts Company specific so any user can utilize them Setting up Standard Journals Open General Journal and select the batch you'd like to work in. In my example I'm going to select the PAYROLL batch. Since payroll is bi-weekly for me, it makes sense to make this a Standard Journal. This will allow me to save the payroll entry with or without the amount so when the time comes for payroll it's quicker for me to enter the entry. Once the entry is ready to be saved as a Standard Journal follow these steps. Actions > Functions > Save as