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Setting up a sandbox environment in Dynamics 365 Business Central with sample data

There are many reasons why a company would need a sandbox environment, but the number one reason would be development. You'd never want to install a custom extension into your production environment without testing it first. That is where the sandbox environment comes into play.

Creating a sandbox environment (preview) in Business Central is pretty easy. Search for sandbox and select Sandbox Environment (Preview) from the list.

The next window explains how the sandbox environment (preview) works. Instead of copying your production company the sandbox will instead be a preview company called CRONUS. If you need a sandbox that is a copy of your production data your CSP (Microsoft Partner) can assist with this. An ISV may chose to setup the sandbox using the CRONOS company but a partner writing a customization for a client would setup their own sandbox based off the production environment data.

To move forward with the sandbox preview company, you can create the sandbox company or you can reset the company to reset the data and configuration back to out of the box CRONUS company. The open button will simply open the sandbox company in another window within your web browser.

You'll always know you're logged into a sandbox environment because it will tell you at the top of the landing page.

Simply bookmark the sandbox url for quick access or open the Sandbox Environment (preview) window and click open moving forward.


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