Received not invoiced report in Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you're using Purchase Orders (PO) in Business Central and have a receiving process that requires a warehouse team to receive items off a PO then this tip is for you.

Within the Purchase Orders list you can personalize to add the column Amount Received Not Invoiced. This will all Accounts Payable and the Purchasing team to know what PO's have been received but not invoiced yet. To learn how to personalize Business Central check out this blog: Personalizing Screens In Dynamics 365 Business Central (

Reconcile AP to GL

There is also a report in Business Central called Reconcile AP to GL that can be useful. The name doesn't make sense but the data it provides does. 

Search for Reconcile AP to GL and make sure to bookmark it since it's hard to remember.

Filter if needed or just select Print or Preview.

Review the two pages.

“The AP to GL Reconcile report is a 'point in time' report. It cannot be run for prior days as it gets its data from the Purchase Orders, so activity on POs changes the report as receiving is done” Kim Dallefeld | Microsoft MVP. 

Kristen Hosman is a Microsoft MVP in Denver. She works with Dynamics 365 Business Central and related technologies. You can also connect with her through this link: Kristen Hosman | Linktree


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