Starting personal blog

Recently I was asked why I'm posting my blogs to my companies website vs a personal blog. After giving much thought to this I've decided to start my own blog where I've brought over the last year and half's posts from my companies website. Thanks Steve Endow for the friendly nudge regarding this.

Shortly after my conversation with Steve I was on Twitter and saw a post from Dona Sarkar. She says it best, "your website is YOUR house, not a rental." So with that being said enjoy my new home for all my future blog posts.


Gert Lynge said…
Hi Kristen
I would love to follow your blog, but i cannot seem to find any rss feed for it?
When following multiple blogs it really is required to be able to add them to the RSS folder in Outlook so you can see how many unread posts you have on each blog.
Please enable RSS feeds for your blog and ad a link to it somewhere so it is easily found.
Best regards
Gert Lynge
Kristen Hosman said…
Hi Gert.
I think I have the subscribe button working at the top of my blog now. Let me know if that doesn't work for you now.
Gert Lynge said…
Thanks. Subscribed :-)

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