Implementation tip #2: Import item pictures

One of my favorite features within Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ability to import multiple item pictures at once. This is very helpful when you need to setup multiple items at once and you don't want to import the pictures in one at a time.

Prep Steps

  1. Create items within Business Central.
  2. Verify picture file name is the same as the item number in Business Central. Also important to note here that JPG's work best.
  3. Create a zip folder with all the item pictures you'd like to import into Business Central.

Import Item Pictures

Search for the import item pictures task and select it.

Import Steps

  1. Open the import item pictures window.
  2. Select the zip folder that includes the item pictures you'd like to import into Business Central.
  3. Verify the information within the details section.
  4. Click import pictures on the menu bar.
Couple things to note is that if the picture already exists within Business Central you are able to select the replace pictures button to replace those. Within the details section the "picture already exists" checkbox will be selected if there is already a picture uploaded.


Once the import has successfully ran the window will update to let you know that the pictures were added or replaced.


It's always a good idea to verify that the pictures did in fact import into the system. You can review the item card to verify.


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