Synopsis of the Dynamics 365 Business Central online training I held for some good friends

Back in February I was talking with some friends about how I was shifting from QuickBooks to Business Central (BC) for my own businesses books. It didn't take long for the questions to begin. Is it better than Dynamics GP? Is it easy to implement? Is it easy to use...and more. So I decided I would hold a weekly Dynamics 365 Business Central online learning opportunity for them to see for themselves.

I started free online training sessions in mid March and held them weekly through the end of June. It was a great way for me to share my love of BC with others; plus COVID-19 had just hit the United States so it was a way for me to "hang out" with my friends virtually. The attendees were made up of a GP system admin, a project manager, an accountant, and even a CEO. All of the attendees have used or even implemented Dynamics GP in their career and are members of GPUG.

Week one we started with the basics, what is BC and how is it different than GP. I covered navigating and personalizing BC as well. It was then Acme Manufacturing was born. We decided we would create a new company using the create new company tool right within BC. We spent the next few weeks configuring the company and setting up the chart of accounts, posting groups, bank accounts, customers, vendors, and items.

By the sixth week we were creating warehouses, bins, and setting up assemblies for ventilators. We had sales being entered and purchase orders being created for stock.

The last few weeks we focused on reporting. I demonstrated the out of the box options and we even looked at Power BI.

In 15 weeks we had implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central for a manufacturing company. Although we couldn't cover everything in that short amount of time, just one-hour a week, all the attendees liked what they saw and asked if I would be holding more of these types of classes.

I'm now brainstorming ideas for a webinar series. I'll make sure to post the details once I have everything figured out.


Beat BUCHER said…
Great idea Kristen!
I'd love to watch a webinar series on how to start from scratch w/ 365BC, as I'm more and more thinking of venturing into that space myself, just so I can make fair recommandations about the pros & cons of GP & 365BC
Looking forward to read more about your experience.

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