Creating a Bank Deposit in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

How to create a Bank Deposit in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Bank Deposit

  1. Look up Bank Deposits

  2. Click on New

  3. Populate the following fields in the General FastTab:
    1. No.: will generate from the No. Series setup. Click on the ellipsis to get this to populate or hit tab on your keyboard to move to the next field to activate it. 
    2. Bank Account No.: select the bank account you'd like to process the deposit for. 
    3. Total Deposit Amount: total of all checks you're going to include in the deposit.
    4. Posting Date: date you want the deposit to hit the general ledger.
    5. Post as Lump Sum: this allows you to post the bank deposit as one lump sum. For example, if you have four checks and they add up to $50,000 and you're going to deposit them at the same time so within your bank account it shows one deposit amount for the total then you sure turn this on. If you expect the four checks to show separately within your bank account, then leave it turned off. 
    6. Document Date: I recommend this to match the posting date however there may be a reason for this to differ. 
    7. Global Dimensions: if required

  4. Populate the following fields in the Lines section:
    1. Account Type: Customer if it's a payment from a customer or G/L account if it's something you want to hit a G/L account.
    2. Account No.
    3. Description: will default to the name of the Account No. chosen.
    4. Document Date: you can update this to be the check date/payment date.
    5. Document Type: payment/refund.
    6. Document No.: check number/payment number.
    7. Credit Amount: payment amount.

  5. Apply the payment to the invoices using the Apply Entries function.
    1. Functions > Apply Entries

  6. Select the transactions that the payment should be applied to. You can do this one by one or multi-select using the Select More functionality.

  7. Once you have your lines selected that you want the payment applied to then you can Set Applies-to ID to them. This will bring the Document No. from step 4 above into the Applies-to ID field within the Apply Customer Entries window.
    1. Process > Set Applies-to ID

  8. Once the Applies-to ID is populated click on OK bottom right of the window to close the Apply Customer Entries window.

  9. You're now ready to post the bank deposit.
    1. Posting > Post

  10. Do you want to post the bank deposit?
    1. Yes

Posted Bank Deposit Reports

To review the posted bank deposit reports, follow instructions below. 
  1. Look up Posted Bank Deposits

  2. List of Posted Bank Deposits

  3. Click on the No. of the posted bank deposit you'd like to open. 

Written by:  Kristen Hosman, Microsoft MVP


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