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Environment Transfers Dynamics 365 Business Central

Scenario Client was live on Business Central and wanted one specific company moved from one tenant to another. One issue with the Environment Transfers process is that it moves the entire environment from one tenant to another; in other words, you can't select one specific company within an environment to move. Solution After thinking about how I could accomplish this it came to me, copy the Production environment to a Sandbox environment and then complete the Environment Transfer for the new Sandbox environment. Once the new environment is Active then I would copy the Sandbox environment to a Production environment. From there once the Production environment is Active, I would log in and delete the companies that are not needed in this new tenant.  It's important to take installed Extensions into account as well. For example, this client was using Expense Management by Continia. I reached out to Continia's support and they were able to provide a checklist of actions that n

Received not invoiced report in Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you're using Purchase Orders (PO) in Business Central and have a receiving process that requires a warehouse team to receive items off a PO then this tip is for you. Within the Purchase Orders list you can personalize to add the column Amount Received Not Invoiced. This will all Accounts Payable and the Purchasing team to know what PO's have been received but not invoiced yet. To learn how to personalize Business Central check out this blog:  Personalizing Screens In Dynamics 365 Business Central ( Reconcile AP to GL There is also a report in Business Central called Reconcile AP to GL that can be useful. The name doesn't make sense but the data it provides does.  Search for  Reconcile AP to GL and make sure to bookmark it since it's hard to remember. Filter if needed or just select Print or Preview. Review the two pages. “The AP to GL Reconcile report is a 'point in time' report. It cannot be run for prior days as it gets its data from the

Three-Way Matching in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Three-Way matching is an Accounts Payable process that is used to verify a vendors invoice by checking it against its corresponding purchase order and receipt. Three-Way Matching Concept Purchase order - authorizes a purchase. Typically an itemized list of types, quantities, and prices of an order as agreed to by the buyer and supplier. The PO has a unique number to associate this order and should be used by the supplier for tracking and invoicing purposes. Delivery receipt - confirms that the items on the purchase order were delivered. Typically completed by someone in the warehouse. Vendor invoice - lists how much the buyer owes the supplier. Should match the agreed upon purchase order and items received. Three-Way Matching Process Typically this process is handled by an Accounts Payable (AP) user. Vendor invoice is sent to AP and that person verifies the delivery receipt in the system prior to entering the invoice. I will go through the basics of this process. Purchase order is issu

Field Monitoring Setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Scenario: Client wants Field Monitoring Setup for Vendor Bank Account (288) table. Tracks when the following fields are changed: Bank Acct No. Transit No. Use for Electonic Payments Vendor Bank Account Card Field Monitoring Setup First step in setup is to complete the Field Monitoring Setup window and Starting the service. For this step I entered the Notification Recipient and the Notification Email Account. You may want this to be someone who specifically tracks the changes in the system. Once you have these fields completed you can click Start on the Action Bar. Field Monitoring Setup When you click Start you will be welcomed with the message Monitoring fields can impact performance. We recommend that you only monitor fields that contain sensitive data. In other words, don't monitor all fields on a table for example, only select the ones that really matter. Field Monitoring Setup Retention Policy Below is the out of the box Retention Policy. Update as needed. Change Log Entry Mon