Field Monitoring Setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Client wants Field Monitoring Setup for Vendor Bank Account (288) table. Tracks when the following fields are changed:

  • Bank Acct No.
  • Transit No.
  • Use for Electonic Payments

Vendor Bank Account Card

Field Monitoring Setup

First step in setup is to complete the Field Monitoring Setup window and Starting the service. For this step I entered the Notification Recipient and the Notification Email Account. You may want this to be someone who specifically tracks the changes in the system. Once you have these fields completed you can click Start on the Action Bar.

Field Monitoring Setup

When you click Start you will be welcomed with the message Monitoring fields can impact performance. We recommend that you only monitor fields that contain sensitive data. In other words, don't monitor all fields on a table for example, only select the ones that really matter.

Field Monitoring Setup

Retention Policy

Below is the out of the box Retention Policy. Update as needed.

Change Log Entry

Monitored Fields Worksheet

The Monitored Fields Worksheet is where you decide what fields you want to monitor. In this case we're monitoring only three fields on the Vendor Bank Account table 288. I also have Notify turned on for these fields. 

Monitored Fields Worksheet

Monitored Field Log Entries

The Monitored Field Log Entries tracks all the changes to the fields set up for monitoring. 

Monitored Field Log Entries

Example of email received below once the fields were updated.

Kristen Hosman is a Microsoft MVP in Denver. She works with Dynamics 365 Business Central and related technologies. You can also connect with her through this link: Kristen Hosman | Linktree


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