Reversing a customer payment posted on the wrong date in Dynamics 365 Business Central


User posted a cash receipt with the wrong posting date. 


The issue here is that the allow posting to/from settings in the general ledger setup window wasn't setup, so a user was allowed to post into the future. 

Below shows what the cash receipts journal showed. 

And the message the user got when posting that they clicked yes on.


  1. Navigate to the Detailed Customer Ledger Entries page and filter or search for the payment. Select the line for the payment. 

    If you try to Unapply Entries from the Detailed Customer Ledger Entries page, you will be welcomed with this message. Stupid I know that you can't unapply this way. 

    Instead click on Find entries on the action bar.

  2. Then click on the Detailed Cus. Ledg. Entry line to open the Detailed Customer Ledger Entries page.

  3. Select the Application line and then select Unapply Entries on the action bar.

  4. Click Unapply then OK.

  5. Next go back to the Find Entries page and select the Bank Account Ledger Entries or just search for that page and find the transaction that needs to be reversed.

    Select Reverse Transaction from the action bar.

  6. Select Reverse

    Now you can reenter the customer payment with the correct date. 

Kristen Hosman is a Microsoft MVP in Denver. She works with Dynamics 365 Business Central and related technologies. You can also connect with her through this link: Kristen Hosman | Linktree


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