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Dynamics 365 Business Central Workflows Auto Posting Transactions

Originally posted on February 12, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has Workflows built into the product that just need to be setup and enabled. Many of my clients like the ability to have sales or purchase documents auto post once approved. The steps below outline how to configure the system so a purchase invoice would be posted automatically once approved. The steps are similar for a sales document as well.

I would recommend doing this in a test company first and testing to make sure it works as desired before implementing in the production company.

Note: auto posting general ledger transactions/batches currently isn't available in BC version 15, no idea if this will be available in a later version either.

Workflow Event/Response Combinations

Step 1: open up the Workflow Event/Response Combinations window and find the row for the 'An approval request is approved' and check the box to enable the 'Post the sales or purchase document in the background.'


Step 2: next open up the workflow for the Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow. Disable the workflow so you can edit it. Click on the '(+) Remove record restriction' text on the 'An approval request is approved' line.

Workflow Responses - An Approval Request Is Approved

Step 3: add the 'Post the sales or purchase document in the background' 

Step 4: enable workflow and test.


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