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Search Company Data within Business Central

Search Company Data I know how time consuming it can be to search for specific information within Business Central. The Search Company Data functionally has been released into public preview Oct 2023 with v23 of Business Central. Let's check out this awesome new functionality. The feature itself is super easy to use. Simply highlight any text within Business Central and open the Tell Me dialog or search manually by entering one or more keywords in Tell Me. From there select the Search company data action.  The search results are only going to include tables you have access to. If the results aren't finding what you're looking for review the data search setup by clicking on Manage > Show tables to search. Review the Data Search Setup for the specific table you're looking into. To learn more about this functionality check out the official Microsoft website:  Get to data search from anywhere in Business Central | Microsoft Learn Written by: Kristen Hosman, Microsoft MVP

How I use the new GL Account Review functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The purpose of this blog is to discuss how I use the Review Entries feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to reconcile my business credit card. This feature is great for reconciling balance sheet accounts because you can match debits and credits together to track what the remaining account balance is made up of.  Process and Setup As vendor invoices are received and entered into Business Central, I follow the workflow below. I will go through two scenarios in this blog.  Invoice is received and already paid via credit card. Invoice is received and will be paid via credit card at a later date. Let's take a moment to review my setup in the system. In order for this to work as expected I set up a payment method named AMEX and add a balance G/L account of 20108.   Account 20108 is my liability account for AMEX Payable.  Make sure the Review Policy is set to 'Allow Review and match Balance' on the G/L Account Card. Examples of entering vendor invoices Now that setup

Add field to page: all fields (Preview) Dynamics 365 Business Central v23

Add field to page Have you ever needed to add a field to a page, and you couldn't without a developer? There was once a time where not all fields in the table were available to be placed on a page without a developer or using the Design tool.  Microsoft has fixed this inconvenience and in version 23 the feature "add existing table fields to optimize your pages" will be in preview. Learn more about this addition to Business Central here:  Add existing table fields to optimize your pages | Microsoft Learn Prior to this feature this is what the system displayed. Version 23 showing the new feature. What does this mean? You can now, without a developer add a field within a table to the page.  How does it work? It's really simple actually.  Navigate to the Profiles (Roles) list and choose Customize Pages from the Action Bar.  When the new browser tab loads, navigate to the page within Business Central that you'd like to add a field to. Expand the customization banner

Community Summit NA Diary

    It's been a few weeks since Community Summit ended, and I'm still fueled by the excitement of the Dynamics GP and Business Central community. One of my favorite things about attending Community Summit is learning from my peers in the community and this year didn’t disappoint! I was able to attend several sessions throughout the conference and learn from many users, consultants, and even Microsoft employees.  The conference kicked off with a great keynote program on Tuesday morning. The keynote speaker was the one and only NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer. What an amazing talk she gave about being a woman race car driver and how she and her team is using technology to advance her skills while driving. One example she shared was a story about tracking her metrics during a lap. The metrics can tell her everything from her speed to when she let off on the gas or hit the breaks for example. This allows her to look at her metrics compared to a teammate and make the necessary changes

Invited External Accountant in Dynamics 365 Business Central now what?

This blog describes what comes next after you invite an External Accountant. If you need to invite an External Accountant than visit this blog:  Invite External Accountant in Dynamics 365 Business Central ( You've invited an External Accountant now what? What happens after you've successfully invited an External Accountant? You receive the below message in Dynamics 365 Business Central and your external accountant receives an email.  Steps your External Accountant should take Have your external accountant look for an email with a subject line: You have been invited to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The external accountant should click on the link provided in the email. They will be redirected to a Microsoft sign in window. In my case the external accountant email isn't listed so I'm going to select use another account. Enter email. Next window suggests that a code was sent to email. Go pull code from email and enter into next window. Accept t